Pharmacy Hanging Prescription Bags: Why Size Matters

Before pharmacy customers purchase prescriptions, the medicine is placed in paper bags, which are generally stored in one of two ways: inside clear bags that hang on a rack, or inside prescription bins that have cubby holes. Here, we focus on the former method of prescription storage, and discuss three reasons why the size of hanging prescription bags is important.

  1. Space Between Rack Levels

Some racks for pharmacy hanging prescription bags are rigid, and don’t let you alter the space between the bars that suspend the bags. But there are also plenty of rack models out there that allow you to adjust bar space.

If you use a rigid rack, the size of bags you can use may be limited. If you can set the bars at different levels, on the other hand, you’ll want the option to acquire various bag sizes from your supplier. You have this option when you get pharmacy hanging prescription bags from us. Check out our bag sizes by visiting our Prescription Retrieval System Catalogue.

  1. Isolating Scheduled Drugs

Many pharmacies have a rule that states prescriptions for two or more people must not be placed in the same hanging bag. However, even at pharmacies that are ultra-vigilant about not dispensing wrong medications, there can be some exceptions to the rule.

For example, if children from the same household need different medications, the medications may be placed in different paper bags that are placed in the same hanging bag. When a policy permitting medications for different people in the same bag is in place, care should be taken when dispensing scheduled drugs, whose use is monitored carefully to avoid bad results.

Placing a scheduled drug in a small bag next to the larger bag that holds the rest of the prescriptions makes it easy for pharmacists to remember to provide information about the drug. The small bag and the larger one can be color coded to show they belong in the same pickup or delivery order.

  1. Medication Retrieval Time

The size of pharmacy hanging prescription bags also affects the time it takes to retrieve medication. Ideally, a pharmacy has the option of using several bag sizes to hold prescription orders of different sizes.

Forcing multiple prescriptions into a bag that’s too small can increase medication retrieval time, and so can placing prescriptions in oversized bags that require lots of reach and grabbing to retrieve medication vials or blister packs.

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