Using Pharmacy Tote Bags to Promote Brand Visibility

You’ve probably seen them before: two-handled carry along bags that advertise a company’s logo, contact information, and even present a catchy phrase associated with the business. It seems like a low risk, high reward approach to increasing brand visibility — and it is. But does pharmacy bags advertising really do a good job of advertising a brand?

If you notice the bags while people tote them around in public, the answer is yes. You looked at the bag and saw the brand. But do you remember the company telephone number and email address printed on the bag?

Unless you have a photographic memory or badly needed the products or services the bag advertised, probably not. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Below, we take a deeper look at pharmacy bag advertising and explain how it typically works.

How Pharmacy Bags Advertising Works

In terms of marketing, informational pharmacy bags fall into the general category of “corporate takeaway items”, which are inexpensive products such as ink pens, mouse pads, and notepads that showcase the name, logo, and contact information of the company that dispenses them.

In marketing language, getting takeaway items into as many hands as possible resembles the “batch and blast” technique. That is, the item is ordered in a large batch, and then “blasted” at all comers, without performing target audience segmentation beforehand.

Especially concerning email marketing, the batch and blast technique has plenty of critics. But the approach can work quite well for pharmacy bags advertising, because almost everyone has a use for general purpose tote bags.

So, when people tote the bags around town, brand visibility increases, and people get the information they need to contact the company advertised on the bag. But what happens when the contact information is forgotten? If you remember the company’s name and logo, you can Google the company later to discover the information and make contact.

If pharmacy bags advertising makes onlookers remember the name and logo of the company on the bag, the bags have done their job. Some passersby will see the contact information and use it directly or store it in their smartphone, but most will remember the name and logo of the company, and contact the organization when the need for its products or services arises.

Interested in Pharmacy Bags Advertising?

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