What Options Are Available For Pill Packaging?

Prescription pills can be packaged in several ways, with the options of choice depending on pharmacy customers’ medication-compliance needs. If your pharmacy is currently reevaluating its pill packaging options, now is the perfect time to consider implementing new packaging solutions that better serve your customers. With this in mind, let’s review a few of the most common pill packaging options and discuss the basic benefits and drawbacks of each.

  1. Prescription Vials

On the positive side, prescription vials are inexpensive, help pharmacists fill scripts quickly, and are capable of being properly used by most patient populations. On the flipside, prescription vials can be quite difficult to manipulate for patients that have motor impairments, such as arthritis. Segmenting your customer base offers the opportunity to provide prescription vials for patient populations that should have no trouble using the vials.

  1. Blister Cards

In terms of how pills are packaged, blister cards are quite different from medication vials. Instead of pills being placed loose inside a vial, they are contained in plastic blisters that have a delicate backing. This design allows patients to easily access each pill.

  1. Envelope Mailers

Envelope mailers contain medication that is already in another type of packaging. Prescription vials are the most common packaging found inside mailers, but prescriptions in the form of blister packs that contain the packs are also options. Envelope mailers are durable, moisture resistant material, with exceptional puncture resistance and tear strength. Reliable, tamper evident an easy to use pressure sensitive closure system.

Getting the Best Pill Packaging
Choosing the best pill packaging options for your pharmacy ultimately depends on the needs of your company’s patient populations and the turnaround time for filling prescriptions. For assistance selecting the best lineup of packaging options for medication adherence and cost to your pharmacy, please call us today at (800) 325-6137, or use our contact form. We look forward to providing the best pill packaging options for your pharmacy and its customers.

Experience Makes a Difference
Drug Package has over a 135-year history of supplying the dynamic pill packaging options to pharmacies, nursing homes, and more. Inquire today about how our packaging options can benefit both your pharmacy and its customers that depend on your services to help achieve medication compliance. We look forward to providing better solutions than your current provider.