Essential Considerations for Choosing Prescription Forms

Different prescription forms contain different information, but there are some types of data that all pharmacy prescription labels should contain. For pharmacists, it is important not only to include the right information on prescription forms. They must also choose the right size of labels for the data that must be printed, choose labels that contain a sufficiently strong adhesive, and choose labels whose surface quality works well with the pharmacy prescription label printing system.

Choosing the Right Label Size
The information on prescription forms is printed in various font sizes. Consequently, when it comes to choosing the right label size, it is as essential to determine how large the information will be printed as it is to determine what will be printed. The following pieces of information are typically essential to include, as they provide customers with information that they need to take medication as prescribed, and refill the medication after the previous supply is exhausted.

  • Pharmacy name and address
  • Name of prescribing physician
  • Prescription identification number
  • Prescription fill date
  • Name of patient
  • Dosing instructions
  • Name of drug and its strength
  • Number of refills
  • Prescription expiration date

Drug Package has the capability to produce custom labels that best match your pharmacy’s dispensing practices considering data prescription forms must contain and the manner in which it must be presented. We recognize that many pharmacies also want their brand name to be attractively printed on the label along with prescription data. We will work with you to create labels that are highly efficacious for customers and attractively feature your business name.

Selecting the Right Label Adhesive
In general, the more permanent the adhesive that coats the back of prescription forms, the better. Using labels that feature commercial grade adhesive helps prevent drug labels from being removed and swapped out with other labels (a common practice when abusing scheduled drugs). It also helps labels stay in place under hot or moist conditions, such as when medication is temporarily stored in a purse on a hot day or carried on one’s person in humid weather.

Choosing the Right Label Surface
For many pharmacies, choosing the right label surface involves two concerns: whether the label surface is designed to feature the type of ink a pharmacy uses (most pharmacies use indelible ink), and whether labels are designed for use with the label printer a pharmacy uses (most pharmacies use a laser printer or a dot matrix printer). The clarity of prescription labels is of great concern for pharmacies in terms of liability and meeting the needs of customers. Drug Package will provide you with labels that are specifically designed for your printing needs.

Need High-quality Prescription Forms?
If so, Drug Package — a veteran-owned provider of pharmacy label products and other essential pharmacy supplies — is here to supply what you need. We have over 130 years of experience in providing pharmacies with the products they need to help simplify the medication dispensing process, improve patient medication adherence, and help improve patient health outcomes. We are your one-source solution for everything pertaining to pharmacy packaging and labeling.

For more information about our prescription forms and other high-quality products, give us a call at (800) 325-6137, or request a quote today. We look forward to helping your pharmacy provide the best customer service and operate as efficiently as possible!