Choosing a New Prescription Label Supplier: Helpful Tips

prescription-label-supplierHas your pharmacy’s prescription label supplier gone out of business? Has your pharmacy implemented a new labeling system for which your supplier can’t provide labels? Do you need a new supplier to access prescription labels of higher quality? Whether you can answer yes to one of these questions or you need a different supplier for another reason, the fact is, you need a new prescription label supplier. In this entry we provide three essential tips for selecting one.

  1. Number of Years in Business

Companies that have been in business for several years tend to remain in business, while companies that have operated for five years or less are often still in the process of becoming profitable, and are thus likelier to close their doors than their more financially secure counterparts. Because you choose a label supplier based partly on its ability to meet your ongoing needs, it only makes sense to choose one that has several years in the industry.

  1. Labels for Different Printing Systems

Over time, pharmacies replace label printing systems for various reasons. Some of the most common ones are: to save money on printer supplies and maintenance, to expedite the label printing process, and to reduce rework to due printing errors. Consequently, if your pharmacy wants to form a long-term business relationship with a label supplier, you should ideally choose one that can provide labels for different printing systems (e.g., thermal, laser, inkjet, dot matrix etc.).

  1. Opportunity to Order Custom Labels

The benefit of choosing a prescription label supplier that offers custom labels in addition to stock labels is fairly obvious: The supplier presumably has the ability to cut labels of various sizes, print the labels with unique design elements such as your pharmacy’s logo, and supply labels that are designed for specific printing systems. Choosing a label supplier that provides custom solutions strongly reduces that chance that you will need to change suppliers in the future.

Why Make Us Your Label Supplier?
There are several reasons to make Drug Package your trusted prescription label supplier. For one, we have been in business for over 133 years, which makes us one of the most well-established suppliers. In addition, we supply labels for different printing systems, which helps you use the system of your choice and avoid changing it because your label supplier doesn’t accommodate the system. Also, we have the capability to produce custom labels in various respects, which means that you can essentially always get the labels you need.

There are lots of online sellers of prescription labeling solutions for pharmacies, but we strongly feel that our many years in business, our ability to offer labels that conform to different printing systems, and our capacity to create a wide variety of custom labels makes us your best choice. To learn more about our products and business, or to place a label order, please call us today at (800) 325-6137, or email us at We look forward to speaking with you!