How to Choose Robot Labels for Your Robotic Labeling System

pharmacy labelsPharmacies that receive high volume of scripts often use robotic labeling systems to expedite the medication dispensing process. The systems use automated robotic technology to apply labels to prescription containers, hence the name of the labels the systems use: robot labels.

Robotic labeling systems hold several benefits for pharmacies: They have a small footprint, they perform label application faster than humans, which can translate into reduced wait times for pharmacy customers; and they have an excellent cost to benefit ratio. Instead of paying several employees salary and benefits to perform container labeling, a pharmacy can make a one-off investment in the system and use it for many years before a replacement system is needed.

Ultimately, the key to realizing these benefits depends largely on using the best labels for the systems. With this in mind, we look at four criteria that are essential to consider when you shop for robot labels for your pharmacy’s robot-powered labeling system for prescription containers.

  1. Label Thickness

Labels that are too thick or too thin for the label applicator could cause label application errors that result in wasted labels, longer turnaround times for labeling runs, and rework that increases operating cost and decreases productivity. The label thickness that your system requires should be listed in the owner’s manual. The system manufacturer can also supply the information.

  1. Label Height and Width

Some robotic labeling systems can apply labels that have different heights and widths. This can be a valuable feature for applying diverse types of labels, but its value is contingent on using prescription containers whose dimensions are suitable for applying the labels in question. If necessary, you can use custom robot labels that are cut for the dimensions of your containers.

  1. The level of particulate matter robot labels produce matters most when the labeling system is located in a pharmacy clean room — a situation that is rather common, as the labeling system itself is likely to produce less particulates than having pharmacy workers walk in and out of the clean room to perform container labeling. Labels that emit little to no particulates are available.

Need New Robot Labels?
There are several reasons why a pharmacy could need new robot labels: its label supplier could go out of business, it could implement a new labeling system that requires a different label design, or its label supplier could offer subpar products, to name just a few. Regardless of why your pharmacy needs robot labels, Drug Package can supply you with readymade robot labels or custom robot labels that synchronize perfectly with the operation of the labeling system and meet the requirements of the pharmacy environment in which the robotic system is located.

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