Stock Shipping Labels: Options Adding Integrity to Your Packages

If customers receive your products by mail, the first thing they see aren’t the product packages. They first see the labeled shipping containers that protect the packages. Product labels are important for generating brand loyalty, but they aren’t the only kind of labels that help customers form an impression of your products. The shipping labels you use are a part of the equation, too.

Our Stock Shipping Labels

Stock shipping labels from Drug Package LLC offer more design options than standard shipping labels, letting you create labels that have a touch of novelty. Our range of design options also offers the opportunity to create different shipping labels for different products. Regardless of the labels you choose, we’ll deliver them in the volume you need, when you need it.

Blank Format

Some companies like to dress up shipping labels with eye popping ink, while others prefer a straightforward, minimalistic look that only an unadorned white label can offer. If this is your preference, we can supply you with blank format stock shipping labels. These labels can help prevent deliveries to wrong addresses by clearly indicating the destination in bold, black print.

Ink Coloration

If blank shipping labels are too plain for your taste, take advantage of our six ink color options to create a dynamic color scheme: Black, Process Blue, Reflex Blue, 165 Orange, 185 Red, and 347 Green. Use a single color or any combination of colors to make your shipping labels stand out on the container. Consistently using the same colors can encourage brand identification.

Smudge Proof

Stock shipping labels from Drug Package LLC come with smudge proof facestock that resists soils shipping labels acquire as they ride in freight compartments. A label that started out pearly white at you shipping dock can be smudged dark gray by the time it reaches the recipient. You wouldn’t settle for dirty product labels, and you shouldn’t settle for smudged shipping labels, either.

Handling Labels

Depending on what you ship, you could benefit from applying labels that indicate how a package should be handled during shipping. For example, a “This End Up” label can be helpful for shipping containers of liquid, without placing the pressure of the liquid on the seals. And a classic “Fragile: Handle With Care” label can be essential for delivering breakables in good condition.

Order Stock Shipping Labels

Most companies pay careful attention to each aspect of how their product labels look, but shipping labels used to deliver the product are often viewed as utilitarian implements that don’t require much design consideration.

It’s true that shipping labels are a utility product, but when you get them from us, you have opportunity to use them to bolster brand identification by creating a label with prominent aesthetics. Plus, we offer freight handling labels, allowing you to get all the stock shipping labels you need from a single source.

To get started on ordering best-in-class shipping labels, give us a call today at (800) 325-6137, or send us an email using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!