Products for Pharmacies: What is a Pill Card?

When we think of containers for prescriptions, amber-colored pill vials often come to mind. The durable, plastic vials that feature white safety lids have served pharmacies and their customers well for decades, but they aren’t the best option for all prescription users. When it comes to medication adherence, some people do better when they receive medication packaged in a pill card.

A pill card (also referred to as a “blister pack”) is a flat piece of material whose front is typically made from plastic or a combination of plastic and paper. The back is made from thin paper or foil. The plastic features blisters that contain pills. When patients need medicine, they remove the paper by peeling it away, press the pill through the paper, or press the pill through the foil.

Types of Pill Cards

There are several pill card styles. At Drug Package, our line of pill cards includes the following four styles. We should also mention we supply software and equipment for performing pill card dispensing and card sealing processes.

1. Cold Seal Cards

Styles of cold seal cards we offer include: one piece cards, two piece cards, multi med home care kits, and controlled unit dose cards, and mult-imed home care kits..

2. Heat Seal Cards

As their name implies, medication is sealed in these cards using a heat press (also known as a thermal press). Types of heat seal cards we offer include: one piece cards and two piece cards.

3. Short Cycle Medication Cards

Because they serve a specific purpose, short cycle medication cards are in their own category. Using cold sealing or heat sealing, they store medications that are taken for between seven and 14 days.

4. Personalized Medication Cards

Personalized for the needs of certain customers, personalized medication cards can be cold sealed or heat sealed. To see your options, check out our Personalized Med Cards page.

Benefits of Pill Cards

Pill cards offer different benefits for different patient populations. For example, a pill card with delicate foil backing can help hand arthritis sufferers remove medication, and a personalized label can be printed with dosing instructions to assist patients with memory problems. Furthermore, there are four benefits that practically all types of pill cards offer.

  • Easy to organize medication
  • Easy to notice if dose is missed
  • Easy to carry (e.g., option to carry individual doses when card is perforated)
  • Simplifies prescription administration for caregivers

Pill cards help improve medication adherence in people who are good candidates for them. By extension, the cards have a positive effect on health outcomes, which helps reduce avoidable healthcare costs. These ubiquitous benefits apply in all situations.

Ordering Pill Cards

If you need a new pill card supplier, or your pharmacy is ordering pill cards for the first time, getting cards from us is a great choice. With over 135 years in business and the capability to custom print, we have the experience and specialization you need in a supplier.

For more information about our pill card products, visit our Medication Blister Cards page, or call us at (800) 325-6137. You can also reach us through our contact form. We look forward to evaluating your pill card needs and seeing how we can help.