4 Wholesale Pharmacy Supplies to Get From Drug Package

Pharmacy-SuppliesBy definition, wholesale pharmacy supplies are supplies that pharmacies purchase and resell to customers for a profit. However, most customers are only happy to buy the products when they feature quality design and work like the manufacturer claims. These are the kind of wholesale pharmacy supplies you get from Drug Package. If you need any of the following supplies, getting them from us is a great way to save money, earn more, and offer best in class products.

  1. Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Cardiac patients comprise one the largest patient populations pharmacies serve, and blood pressure monitoring is one of the most common practices among the population. That’s why we offer automatic blood pressure monitors from Zewa. Choose between five models that offer a variety of features that are designed with cardiac patients’ needs in mind. Start off with offering one or two models, or offer them all to give your customers the very best selection.

  1. Spa Buddy Massage Belt

The Spa Buddy Massage Belt is designed to offer a spa quality massage to different areas of the body from the privacy of the user’s home. The belt has four vibrating motors and a heat mode that combine to deliver deep, penetrating relief to maladies that massages can help. Choose between two packages: the Prepack With Demo Unit that comes with three massage belts for retail and a demo unit or the Prepack unit that comes with four belts for retail. Make the demo unit easily accessible to customers, and watch the product sell itself.

  1. Sabona Medical ID Magnetic Bracelet

We offer Sabona Medical ID Magnetic Bracelets for men and women in sizes small to extra large. In addition to supplying emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and emergency room physicians with crucial health information about patients, the bracelets’ offer an important safety feature in their magnetic clasp, which prevents the bracelets from catching and hanging on objects if patients fall. We also offer four additional models of Sabona Magnetic Bracelets.

  1. Medguard Prescription Safe

Each year in the U.S. alone, thousands of people go to emergency rooms for prescription drug overdoses, and many of the drugs they take come straight from the family medicine cabinet. Our Medguard Prescription Safe helps prevent this by securing prescription vials and blister cards inside a combination-guarded safe that’s small enough to be installed in a medicine cabinet and large enough to hold several prescriptions. The safe is also useful for holding firearms, jewelry, passports, and other small objects that consumers need to guard.

Why Buy From Drug Package?

Plenty of companies supply the products listed above, but few of them have our considerable experience in meeting the needs of pharmacies — over 133 years of experience, to be exact. We only supply best in class wholesale pharmacy supplies whose quality is evident. For more information about our wholesale pharmacy supplies, call us today at (800) 325-6137, or refer to our contact page.