Tamper Resistant RX Pads: Essential Security Options

Prescription BlanksAccording to Express Scripts, over 16,000 Americans die from prescription drug overdoses each year. In some cases, the overdoses result from taking too much prescribed medication. However, prescriptions that are forged using prescription pads (a.k.a. RX pads) that are stolen from hospitals and doctor offices also account for a significant percentage of overdoses that cause death or E.R. visits. One reason why is because stolen prescription pads are often used to fill schedule II medications (e.g. opioid derivatives) that have a high potential for abuse.

Using Tamper Resistant RX Pads
When stolen RX pads are used to fill prescriptions fraudulently, the perpetrator often “pharmacy shops”, presenting multiple prescriptions to as many different pharmacies as possible in hopes of avoiding detection. However, in some U.S. states, pharmacies have access to a central database that shows what prescriptions were filled, where they were filled, and when.

Such a system makes it easier for pharmacies to identify prescription drug abusers, but the success rate for most systems has yet to reach 100 percent. In some cases, the forger is only caught after he or she runs out of legitimate prescription pads and tries to use the last blank sheet from a pad to create more blank scripts. When stolen pads are tamper resistant RX pads, the attempt to create new, blank scripts can be thwarted by the following security features.

  • A pantograph that reveals the hidden word “void” when the paper is copied or scanned
  • Color match technology that prevents the color of the pad’s paper from being copied
  • Microprint protection in which microtext in a box on the paper is difficult to copy
  • A hard to copy watermark that is manufactured onto the back of blanks scripts

Additional security options available for our tamper resistant RX pads include: blue paper that highlights attempted erasure alterations, acid-free paper that helps to preserve the script for a long period of time, a watermark that darkens when it is scratched with a hard object, and a description of all security options that is printed in a small box on the back of each script.

Need Tamper Resistant RX Pads?
Our tamper resistant RX pads are perfect for physicians who are hospitalists or private practitioners and have experienced fraudulent use of their prescription pads. The security features of our pads are especially helpful for physicians who frequently prescribe scheduled medications that have abuse potential, such as psychiatrists, pain management specialists, and sleep doctors that prescribe CNS depressants that aid the treatment of insomnia.

In addition to supplying stock tamper resistant RX pads, we also supply custom tamper resistant RX pads that are designed for unique personalization of a specific customer (e.g. logo, address, phone). If you know what you need, simply select it from our product pages and place your order online. For questions about our products or to place your order with a live attendant, please call us at (800) 325-6137. We look forward to helping you curb forged prescriptions and their potentially deadly results.

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