The Benefits of Independent Pharmacists

IndependentPharmacistWhen people need to fill a prescription, they often turn to corporate pharmacies who offer multiple locations within a single region, making them exceptionally easy to access. However, some people also choose to use large pharmacies by applying the “bigger is better” rule.

A big, corporate pharmacy must surely be on its game more than a smaller, independant pharmacy, right? Not necessarily. Although big pharmacies do have some advantages over small ones, the reverse is also true. The next time you need to fill a prescription, taking it to an independent pharmacy will put you in touch with the following important benefits, among others.

Customer Service
Whereas independent pharmacies tend to be privately owned, large pharmacies that are corporatized are essentially owned by shareholders who have invested in the company’s stock. This situation creates a conflict of interest: The pharmacy must serve its customers and shareholders simultaneously, and the interest of shareholders often receives first consideration.

Independent pharmacies are not publicly traded companies; they don’t serve shareholders. Consequently, customer service is their primary focus. Independent pharmacies make people feel like valued customers, and there is excellent customer service found at many independent pharmacies.

Because independent pharmacies don’t have to deal with the hustle and bustle of large pharmacies that fills thousands of prescriptions a day, independent pharmacists have more time to spend with the customer than pharmacists who work for corporations. Patients can have their medication questions answered quickly, and thus feel more confident in taking their medicine.

Drug Packaging
Other benefits of pharmacists who work independently include flexible drug packaging options. Corporate pharmacies often have limited options for packaging drugs. This is not because the pharmacies couldn’t offer more packaging solutions. Rather, it is because they wish to make the prescription dispensing process as efficient and cost effective as possible.

Novel drug packaging options such as Medication Pill Cards are often a staple of the small independent pharmacist. Using such drug packaging solutions make medication easier to take, helping patients adhere to their prescriptions. Such packaging has been proven to increase medication adherence which results in improved health outcomes. For patients, this is one of the greatest benefits of pharmacists who work independently. When we think of health, we naturally think of the relationship between patient and physician, but the relationship between patient and pharmacy also has a significant impact.

Special Orders
By forming contracts with drug companies, corporate pharmacies often lock themselves into dispensing specific brands of generic drugs in specific forms. For example, if your doctor prescribes a medication in aqueous form, and the medicine is typically dispensed in pill form, chances are that you won’t be able to pick it up from your chain store, if you can even order it.

Pharmacists who work independently know there is a demographic built around the need for special medication orders, and it is a demographic that most of them proudly serve. Because independent pharmacies have more flexibility than corporate pharmacies in terms of choosing drug suppliers, they are perfectly positioned to fill special orders that other pharmacies won’t.

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