The Role of Medication Adherence Packaging in Health Outcomes

When prescribed medication is taken correctly, it typically provides a therapeutic effect. When prescriptions are taken incorrectly, on the other hand, they often fail to produce a therapeutic effect to the degree that is expected, or fail to have an effect at all. Known as medication nonadherence, this problem leads to negative health outcomes in various patient populations.

What Causes Non-Adherence?
Medication non-adherence is a singular problem that has multiple causes. According to a recent study released by the New England Healthcare Institute, “Between one-third to one-half of all patients in the U.S. do not take their medications as instructed, including not taking the medication on time, in the proper doses, or at all.” The study goes on to provide a breakdown of the reasons why patients are nonadherent to the dosing instructions for their medication.

  • Forget to use or refill – 23%
  • Unwanted side effects – 20%
  • Cost of medication – 17%
  • Believe medication is not needed – 14%
  • Cannot fill prescription – 10%
  • Don’t know – 1%
  • Other – 15%

Because the reasons for medication nonadherence are so numerous and broad, the problem must be addressed with multiple solutions, from medication counseling, to pharmacy care programs, to medication adherence packaging. As healthcare providers have found, the top reason for non-adherence can be addressed through the use of medication adherence packaging.

In many cases, reminding nonadherent patients to take medication is only one part of the equation. In addition to being reminded to take a prescription, they need to be instructed on how to take it. Medication adherence packaging can solve this problem, as well. Creating a medication booklet that provides medication reminders and tells patients how to take medicine provides a clear, economical path for reducing nonadherence due to forgetting to take a prescription or refill it.

According to a recent study by Walter Reed Medical Center, “When a pharmacy care program utilized multimed adherence packaging, it led to increased medication adherence and clinically meaningful improvements in patient health.” In addition to benefitting patients, better health outcomes benefit the healthcare system as a whole by reducing medical costs that can drive up health insurance premiums and extend the wait time for patient appointments with physicians.

How Drug Package Can Help
At Drug Package, we understand the toll that medication nonadherence can take on the lives of those who experience it and the healthcare system as a whole. That is why we have pioneered the use of blister medication adherence packaging that increases medication adherence. Whether you are a physician or a lead pharmacist we can provide medication packaging solutions that play a crucial role in improving the health outcomes of your patients or customers.

For more information about our medication adherence packaging and other products, call us today at (800) 325-6137 to speak with one of our medication packaging specialists, or simply request a quote online today. We look forward to helping you help others improve their health!

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