Features of our Two Piece Cold Seal Blister Cards

Learn about the features and benefits of our Two Piece Cold Seal Blister Card below.

1. Numbered Blisters

Our standard two piece cold seal cards have 31 numbered blisters — one for each day of the month. Patients start with blister 31 and move down, making it easy to see whether they’ve taken their daily dose.

Numbered blisters assist patients with memory problems. They’re also a good option for medications that commonly involve pill counting by physicians, such as opioid pain medications.  Numbered blisters eliminate the need to count pills manually.

  1. Ribbon Refill Indicator

On the front of the card, running down the last line of blisters on the right, is a printed blue ribbon that serves as a refill reminder. Week after week, patients can see they are coming closer to the prescription refill date. This simple visual reminder helps patients with memory problems remain compliant by refilling the medication on time.

  1. Multiple Sized Blisters Available

Our blister inserts come in a variety of sizes for our two piece cold seal cards allowing for more than one pill to be organized into daily dosage. With minimal effort, medication can be organized for an entire month in advance.

Because the card has a booklet design, with the back flap closing over the blisters to protect them, pills are removed only when needed and not due to accidental pressure on the foil.

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