Using Printers for Laser Prescription Labels to Support Revenue Goals

Xerox Corporation pioneered laser printing technology in the 1960s. Like many forms of novel technology that don’t have a well-established customer base, in their infancy, laser printers had an exorbitantly high price, which made using them on a widespread basis feasible only for companies that had an unusually large operating budget, a budget that also let them pay a premium cost for maintaining the printers and buying repair parts that were expensive, as well.

Today, laser printers have significantly increased in performance quality and significantly declined in price to the point where various companies in numerous industries use them as a go-to solution for addressing a broad array of business printing needs. One industry where this proliferation can be seen quite clearly is the pharmacy industry, where laser printers help pharmacies increase the bottom line by offering the following crucial benefits, among others.

Printing Speed
Laser printers print labels at a faster rate of speed than most dot matrix printers and inkjet printers. This benefits pharmacy customers by reducing turnaround time for prescriptions, which in turn benefits pharmacies by helping them dispense more prescriptions in a given period of time. Over the course of a year, increased revenue from faster dispensing can really add up.

Printing Precision
The laser beam in a laser printer has an unvarying diameter, which means it can print even the smallest text on prescription labels with unwavering accuracy. Conversely, even the best inkjet printers occasionally deposit ink spills on prescription labels or produce text that smears. Using a laser printer helps pharmacies reduce wasted labels by significantly reducing printing errors.

Toner Replacement Cost
Replacing the toner cartridges in laser printers is typically less expensive than replacing ink cartridges in inkjet printers. Consequently, laser printers often have a lower lifetime maintenance cost than their inkjet counterparts. Busy pharmacies can go through an ink reservoir in one business day, making switching to laser printing a winning proposition in terms of printing cost.

Shopping for Laser Prescription Labels?
If your pharmacy plans to implement a laser printing system for prescriptions that replaces a dot matrix printing system or an inkjet printing system, it’s making a smart decision in terms of reducing operating costs and contributing to the bottom line. Now all you need are high-quality laser prescription labels that facilitate the printing process. This is where Drug Package comes in. We supply best in class readymade and custom prescription labels for laser printing systems.

Drug Package has over 133 years of experience in supplying corporate pharmacies, independent pharmacies, and hospital pharmacies with cutting edge labeling solutions at affordable prices. To inquire about our laser prescription labels or place an order, call us at (800) 325-6137, or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!