Veterinary Branding: 5 Uses for Veterinary Bags

Whether you operate a veterinary clinic that’s developed its own proprietary brands, or the clinic itself is essentially a brand, you benefit from making people aware of what you have to offer — a process that, in the marketing world, is often referred to as “increasing brand awareness”.

One way that veterinarians can do this is by dispensing veterinary bags that contain the pharmacy logo and contact information. Below are five scenarios for distributing the receptacles.

  1. Dispensing Pet Medication

If your clinic dispenses prescriptions for animals on-site, consider using our paper veterinary bags that are printed with your logo to distribute the medicine. As an added benefit, placing pet meds in bags that clearly feature your clinic’s information helps pet owners keep the medicine separate from medications for humans that may be in the home where the pet stays.

  1. Dispensing Dog Treats

Just as visiting a medical clinic to receive treatment can be stressful for humans, it can be stressful for animals, too, especially dogs that are territorial and prefer the familiarity of normal surroundings. Providing dog treats can help these dogs feel more comfortable by stimulating the pleasure center in their brain and distracting them from the clinic’s unfamiliar surroundings.

  1. Offering Product Samples

Pet medication, pet treats, pet collars, and special insect repellant for pets are just a few of the many products that can be distributed as samples using our veterinary bags. Providing samples helps generate business, and so does offering the samples in finely printed bags that feature your pharmacy’s logo and contact information in an aesthetically pleasing format.

  1. Carrying Pet Equipment

When pets arrive at the vet, they often show up wearing collars and other devices that help their owners control them. Depending on the type of examination or procedure an animal receives, it may not be able to leave the clinic wearing the same equipment. Our printed veterinary bags, which can hold up to six pounds, can be provided to pet owners for carrying the equipment home.

  1. Dispensing Pamphlets

Veterinary clinics often dispense informational pamphlets that pertain to pet medications, caring for pets after surgery, maintaining good pet hygiene, and the list goes on. If your clinic frequently dispenses more than one info pamphlet per pet, placing them in veterinary bags provides a convenient way to tote pamphlets home and promote veterinary branding simultaneously.

Who We Are

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