What Are Blister Packs?

Many types of packaging have been used in industries like pharmaceutical or toys to market and sell products. One common type seen throughout stores is blister packs. These casings are made from pre-formed plastic, which is molded and heat or cold sealed over a piece of printed cardboard. Medication casings are one of the most common uses for blister packs; however, they may be used to house smaller consumer products such as pens or child toys as well.

As part of the design, the cardboard backing on a blister pack may contain foil, another layer of plastic, or even a layer of paper. Instructions are frequently printed on the packaging to tell consumers how to take medication or to warn consumers about potential dangers of the product. Blister packs offer a number of design options for fulfilling marketing needs. You will see them the most in the pharmaceutical industry because they are used to package drug capsules or tablets for single-dose use.

Beyond the world of pharmaceutical drugs, these types of packs house hardware, toys, and electrical products. A good example is the accessory pack provided with a grill before it is put together. Each part is separated by a compartment with a cardboard backing and labeled accordingly for easy assembly. Their popularity stems from reduced weight, which makes them light enough to be hung up or packaged with a product easily.

Blister Packs & Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry a blister pack is typically used to sell prescription or over-the-counter medications. They are cost-effective and offer an easy way to provide medicine to consumers. Each pill or tablet may be pushed straight through the foil by pressing a thumb into the back of the cardboard. Additionally, each dose is separated into perforated sections to ensure the consumer is able to remove a single dose as needed. Blister packs have several advantages for both manufacturers and consumers including:

  • Lower Cost to Manufacturer & Consumer
  • Easier to Meet Shelf-Life Requirements
  • Information May Be Printed on the Back
  • Offers Easy-To-Use Single Doses

One noted disadvantage is the inability of people with arthritis or other conditions to release the pill from the blister pack. While this might have been true in the past, there have been numerous advancements. New designs deliver easy to open packages to individuals who have trouble getting the pills out. Pharmaceuticals you might find in blister packs include:

  • Allergy Medicine
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Cold Medicine
  • Prescription Drugs

Main drawing points for medicines are the fact that blister packs protect the product, are easy to open, and offer room for customization. The choice is also one of the easiest for consumers to open. If you have been pondering how to package your product and blister packs seem to offer the benefits you have been seeking, we want to help you achieve your product goals. Contact our team at Drug Package today to see what solutions are available for protecting and marketing your medication products!