What do your Pharmacy Bags Say?

Every year, twice a year, my mother-in-law calls to remind us to set our clocks back or forward, depending upon the season. This may seem like such a small gesture, but she has been doing it for nearly 30 years and it is a consistent and gentle reminder of how she cares. Isn’t that the type of care your pharmacy would like to provide its customers? Well you can, and it is easy and simple with a product you are already purchasing — pharmacy bags.

Four Ways to Bond with Customers using Pharmacy Bags

Logo/Branding – It might be obvious but surprisingly some pharmacies don’t take the opportunity to feature their pharmacy name and logo on their pharmacy bags. Some might not know it’s available and some may think it too costly, but for a nominal fee these bags offer an excellent branding opportunity that is walking out your pharmacy door countless times a day. Don’t have a logo? Don’t worry. Our creative graphics team can help you create one!

Valuable Store Information– A well-designed pharmacy bag would always include critical store information such as hours of operation, drive through or delivery information, online ordering or website information, address and phone number, emergency numbers, pharmacist contact information, store email, and any other pertinent store information that would be helpful to your customers.

Seasonal Message – Regardless of the season there is always a message to share with your customers that might help them in their daily lives. Reminders of cold and flu season: “Be sure to wash your hands often!” “Get your flu shot here, today!” “Did you know we offer immunizations? Just ask!” Pharmacy bags are a great tool for any pharmacy desiring to create or improve a relationship with customers.

Coupons – Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love to save money? Your bags offer a great place to share in store coupons with your customers. Even if they don’t use them immediately, the coupon could be enticing enough to drive them back to the store for further purchases.

What do your Pharmacy Bags Say?

At Drug Package our primary goal is to deliver affordable, dependable solutions to our customers. We know that your pharmacy bags offer endless opportunities to speak to your customers and anyone else who sees them. Don’t miss out on this simple marketing opportunity to not only improve the look of your bags but increase branding and offer valuable information and savings.

If you are ready to switch to a custom designed pharmacy bags, just give our friendly sales staff a call at 800-325-6137, or fill out our request a quote form online here. Thank you for trusting Drug Package, LLC with all your pharmacy packaging and supply needs!

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