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Where to Buy Hand Sanitizer in Bulk That is FDA Approved

The FDA has placed certain requirements on hand sanitizer formulas, in an effort to make sure everyone has access to highly effective sanitizer, and if you need sanitizer you need to know where to buy hand sanitizer that is FDA approved. The FDA has stated that hand sanitizing products must be at least 60% alcohol by volume to effectively kill the maximum broad spectrum of germs. FDA approved hand sanitizers must also a specific grade of glycerine that is used to create a gel like consistency, that will not evaporate before the alcohol has a chance to make contact with your hands long enough to penetrate and break down the microbes on your hands. So where can you buy hand sanitizer that is both FDA approved and available in bulk supplies? Drug Package can supply you with their potent, FDA approved, bulk hand sanitizer for an affordable price.

Benefits of Drug Package’s FDA Approved Hand Sanitizer:


  • Alcohol Volume – Our hand sanitizer goes above and beyond FDA minimum requirements, containing 80% alcohol by volume, allowing for maximum germ killing ability.
  • Added Moisture – This sanitizer also contains added moisturizers to reduce dryness and irritation that could occur from repetitive use.
  • Ready To Ship – While hand sanitizer may be hard to come by in some areas, Drug Package has a variety of bulk order sizes from cases of individual bottles to gallon screw top jugs, is stock and ready to ship.


Need to know where to buy hand sanitizer?

If you are looking for FDA approved hand sanitizer in bulk, Drug Package can help. Drug Package has been a quality supplier of pharmaceutical and medical supplies for over 130 years. We have the knowledge and experience to inform our customers and help them find exactly what they need for an affordable price. Contact us here to learn more!